Up in the Air

I travel enough. Not as much I’d like and mostly for work. There was one year that I traveled so much, I actually reached Air Canada Top Tier status. I know, cool! Right?

I love, love, love, to travel and I never say no when I get the chance.

Since I started traveling, I’ve heard my fair share of travel advice. You’ve probably heard all the usual tips too, like…get to the airport early, carry all your valuables with you, etc. etc. etc.

I follow all those standard travel tips and I’ve also picked up a bunch of my own. I have too many to tell you all of them…but…since flying is the best way to travel, here are a few of my fav’s for the airport…

First, a quality suitcase and lock are key. Hard case luggage is the best because it won’t crush your stuff. And, let’s be honest here, those little luggage locks aren’t keeping anyone from breaking into your suitcase. They do however, do a pretty good job of keeping what’s inside from breaking out. Unless, of course, you want your undies on display at baggage claim?

While we are talking about suitcases…if you have to get a new one, don’t forget to consider color. Seriously, everyone has a black suitcase these days. Forget about ribbons and bows…your luggage will be much easier to spot if it’s blue, pink or zebra striped!

You must wear comfortable shoes! Whether you arrived early, your flight is delayed or you have a long layover – you’re going to have some time to kill. Major airports are huge, so confirm your boarding gate and time, then go exploring. You can get in a little exercise with a quick walk and then relax with a nice mani/pedi. Still have time? Go find the best bookstore, bar, or coffee joint. Once at LAX, I wandered into a bookstore and bumped into Ashton Kutcher. Bonus!

Now on to boarding… Yes, first class will board first. If you’re in economy – don’t let them fool you – you want to be the last to board the plane! First class passengers have lots of legroom to keep them comfortable – not so in economy. There’s no need to rush. You have a reserved seat. Once they start boarding economy passengers – wait! Wait until they call almost all the rows. Then, when they’re almost done…go ahead and get in-line.

Pretty easy right? Share your travel tips too below…then get out there and travel more and take me with you!

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7 Responses to Up in the Air

  1. travelingmad says:

    Nice post. I love to travel too!

    The part about being last to get onboard was my favorite. I say it all the time! Why are people rushing to get into assigned seating?!? There will be a seat for everyone, the one you’ve already paid for! I am always last to get on.

    I never take a carry on suitcase. That is way too much headache to fight over the overhead compartment space! A small duffle bag will usually do the trick and can fit underneath the seat.

    I always check out the bookstores and food courts as well. If I have a good read and a snack, my trip will breeze by.

  2. City Mom says:

    Ashton? I didn’t know that. Very cool. We always board at the last mintue as well, especially with child. I have a tip for traveling with kids…purchase/borrow a new toy/game that the child has never seen before. Break it out on the plane. You’ll get at least a half hour of entertainment!

    PS. Loved the skirt yesterday!

  3. Julia says:

    I LIVE for travel! Great tips – I agree with the one about boarding last. I never understand why people would rather stand in a long line to board/in the aisle than have a few extra minutes with their book or iPod.

    Here’s a site I found recently: The 50 Most Inspiring Travel Quotes of All Time http://www.bravenewtraveler.com/2008/03/07/50-most-inspiring-travel-quotes-of-all-time/

    • Kim Forgetta says:

      Maybe I shouldn’t have put the tip about boarding last…keep to ourselves instead so everyone will keep lining up ;) But…my blog isn’t that popular (yet) so I think we’re safe!

  4. sarah says:

    Didn’t we also bump into Josh Hartnett in LAX and I tried to touch him but I got all “hee hee there’s Josh Hartnett… hee hee” like a silly star crushed girl. Oh and another good tip, don’t leave your keys to you house in your suit case just in case the unfortunate accident that the air line loses your luggage, hence you have no way to get into your house :( sorry about that! ….good post!

  5. Phronk says:

    I wouldn’t spend money on a lock for a suitcase. I’ve had my lock clipped off by the airport security people before. So rude! I guess it does help keep stuff inside though.

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