Gone shopping

I’ve had a great time this past year with my blog. I’ve learned a lot about writing, stat’s, search and the blog world itself. I’ve met some really great people through my blog and had some really great experiences with those people. I’m happy I started it, but it’s time to take a break.

With everything that’s going on in my life right now, my blog is taking a back seat and it really deserves more attention than I’m giving it. I may come back from time to time to post an update, but I’m not going to stick to a schedule for now. 

In the mean time, you can still find me on Twitter at @kimforge, friend me on Facebook, or look me up on Linkedin. Or hey, if you’re in my neighbourhood, stop by – I’m always up for a glass of wine and good chat!

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Moving day

They try and make moving sound easy. They try to make it sound like the move takes place in the span of one day. Like the actual moving of your items is the hardest thing you’re going to do. This is not true.

Packing. Packing will drive you nuts.

I packed, in my spare time, for just over three weeks.  Can you even believe that. Packing is tricky. It will fool you up front. I stocked up on boxes, then I started to sort things into them. Things seemed to be going smoothly. Items were fitting nicely in the boxes and I felt like I was getting things done pretty quickly. But before I knew it – all that changed.

Soon, I ran out of the right boxes. I had to be strategic and figure out interesting ways to get my pots in a box that’s not too small (so it actually fits the whole pot) but not too big either (because someone has pick up that box, so it can’t be heavy). If I could even find a box like that left.

Then before I knew it, the boxes I thought would be more than enough, were all used up and I still had half a home left to pack. I became a scavenger for boxes. I asked friends and family. I started going to grocery stores that offer boxes to put your food in. I eyed up the printer paper boxes from work. I would take whatever box I could get.

I’m getting a little stressed just thinking about it, so let’s skip the part about  how much tape, bubble wrap and news paper you’ll need.

Then, there came a time, on moving day, when I thought I had got the best of packing and not the other way around. The movers had the van full. The house was empty. I just needed to do a quick walk-thru and make sure the house was in good shape.

Upstairs was clear, the basement was clear, outside was clear, the main floor was….O-M-G!…there was two full drawers of pots and pans that had been left in the house. I turned around. Everything else was gone. There were no boxes left for these pots and pans. My only option was to carry them out to my car and put in them in the back of my Mini.

As I drove away from my old house, I could hear the pots and pans bumping and scraping in the back of car. Packing had beat me.

I’m now in my new house, which happens to be very old and I have a lot of boxes to unpack. I have a feeling I’m going to like unpacking, as much as I liked packing. That is to say, not very much at all.

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To improve is to change

I long to be a creature of habit. I yearn to have a consistent schedule. A daily routine that includes sleep, exercise, healthy food, work, relaxation and fun. Yet, I can never seem to maintain a successful formula for a long period of time.

Yes…I know change is good and I’m not looking to do the exact same thing over and over again for the rest of my life. I’m just looking for a general routine to live by. I believe that if I can get the right mix of activities in a day, at the right time, that everything will be…well…perfect.

I’ve tried all sorts of variations of my routine in my search for schedule success. I’ve tried going to work early, so I could head to the gym immediately after and then eat dinner as I enjoyed my reality television. I’ve also tried waking up at 6 a.m. every morning and going for a run, so that after work I have time to cook dinner, relax and hang out. I’ve tried only eating take out, I’ve tried skipping exercise all together and I’ve even tried skimping out on sleep – all in an effort to save time.

Most recently, I’ve come to accept that I am not a morning person and I’ve decided that I will not wake up before it’s absolutely necessary. I have to be at work at 8:30 a.m. so the the first thing I do in the morning is go to work. I don’t even take the time to eat before work. I grab a bagel and a coffee and eat breakfast at my desk.

The only downside to this plan is that I have to do everything else I want to do, after work. So far, I haven’t been so good at fitting everything in.

There are those perfect days where I come home from work, head out for a run, cook a healthy dinner, play with my dog and watch a reality show. But…there’s also many days when I come home, skip the run and veg out on the couch, as I eat chocolate and drink wine.

So, I admit, I’m still struggling to find the perfect routine to fit everything into my day. I guess I’ll just keep changing until I find the perfect way to stay the same.

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Keeping Busy

I am now officially unemployed. My last day of work was Friday and I’m not sure if it has really sunk in quite yet. You see, I had worked for the same company for almost 10 years, when last October, I was told my position was being moved to Toronto. I was asked to move to Toronto with it, but, I choose to stay in the city that I call home.

After almost a decade of working for the same company, losing my job has been difficult.  As much as I dream of being independently wealthy and never having to work again, the truth is, I’m the kind of person that needs to work.

Given that I prefer to be employed, obviously my first priority is to find a new job. Easier said than done! But, I do have great work experience, a fabulous resume and a career counselor for the next three months to help me out.

I’ve never been in this situation before and everyone I talk to has advice on what I should do. I’ve taken it all in, but I think the best thing I can do is keep myself as busy as possible. So far my plan has worked and staying busy has helped me to remain somewhat upbeat. Here’s what I’ve done so far this week:

  • Filed for unemployment online
  • Completed a daily online search for new jobs
  • Applied to a few interesting job postings
  • Consolidated all my banking to save money and opened a new no fee bank account
  • Continued my daily gym workouts
  • Made a healthy dinner every night
  • Had new passport pictures taken and filled out all my passport forms (even though I’m clearly not traveling with no money)
  • Helped my husband with his resume
  • Entered all my volunteer meeting times into a new calendar
  • Wrote this blog post!

I’ve done a lot right! My only worry is that eventually I will run out of things to do before I actually find a job. I’m off to the passport office today with one of my bff’s, but if you have any ideas for future ways to occupy my time, let me know!

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All You Need Is Love

As most of you know, I usually post to my blog every Wednesday. You may have noticed that I didn’t blog last Wednesday. There was a few reasons for that…

First, I was holding off writing a post because I was waiting for some great career news. Unfortunately, great career news never came, so I had nothing to write about on that front. Second, it was my Wedding anniversary and I was too busy being taken out for a lovely dinner to write.

I did, however, find something that I could post this week to celebrate two years of marriage to my lovely husband…I found my wedding speech. I have pasted it below exactly how I read it, so I hope you enjoy it. It certainly made me teary eyed once again!

Thank you all so much for coming and sharing in this wonderful night with us! As you know we choose to have a small wedding and we love that we are able to share this day with the people that truly mean so much to the both of us. We are both extremely happy to be taking the next step in our lives and touched by all of your warm wishes for us.

Also a big thank you to all those that made this night possible. Thank you to the best men who look so very snazzy tonight, and my lovely maid’s of honor who are just stunning and have helped me sooo much throughout my journey – from meetings with vendors, to shopping for dresses, to parties and celebrations – you two have been absolutely fantastic! I couldn’t have asked for more and I’m truly blessed to have you two as friends!

And of course – to our lovely parents – Dan’s entire family has always been so welcoming and loving to me that I already feel as though they are my family too. Dan’s Mom is so kind and thoughtful that I couldn’t be a luckier Daughter-in-law! Thank you for creating such a wonderful son! To my parents – thank you – thank you – thank you! I don’t have enough time or words express everything you have done and mean to me – You have always stood by me and pointed me in the right direction. I am who I am today because of you and couldn’t be happier! Thank you!

Now to my handsome groom, who looks so very smashing in his tux. I’m told that its absolutely necessary to tell the story of how we first met – sooo I have to take you back 15 years. Yes – for those that didn’t know – Dan and I first met at a small little coffee shop on the corner of Wellington and Southdale – and for you Londoners trying to figure out which one that is – I’ll save you some time – it was Country Style and it’s not there anymore – so just like the coffee shop – Our first meeting didn’t result to much.

Our next memorable meeting took place at a New Years party for the new millennium – I was happily dancing around taking pictures with my 2000 glasses on as Dan came in the door with his friends – I took a picture of them and then I’m pretty sure I didn’t see him for the rest of the night – I still have the picture today – but again – similar to the doomsday predictions and all the fear of Y2K – Our second meeting didn’t result to much either.

Finally in 2004, I was working out on the elliptical machine at the local gym when Dan hopped on the one next to me. It had been so long that I wasn’t sure if I should say hi – but Dan did and we briefly chatted then, and every time we saw each other at the gym after. Finally, after a couple of months of that – Dan called and asked me out on date…and as they say – the rest is history – so it’s no surprise – that after meeting at a doomed coffee shop and overhyped new years – we would finally find our happy ending at a gym called “Good Life”.

So, let’s toast to the groom. I’m so happy to be spending the rest of my life with you – you are all I ever wanted. Cheers to a wonderfully happy life together.

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Happy New Year

I successfully survived the Christmas and Boxing Day chaos and now I’m preparing for the New Year. I already have my plans for the evening, but as usual I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions. It’s not that I don’t believe in setting goals, it’s just that I don’t’ like to limit myself to once a year – I like to set my goals all year long.

I know you’ve probably heard before how important it is to set goals, but just in case you don’t believe it – it’s actually been proven that people who set goals and write them down are more successful than those who do not.

So, if you haven’t already, go now and grab a pen and paper and start writing some goals down!

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? What are your goals for 2011?

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And Action!

One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is watch movies. There’s nothing like spending a couple hours wrapped up in good story with a bowl of buttery popcorn.

To get the most out of my movie watching experience, I prefer to subscribe to the movie network. I enjoy the movie network for a couple of reasons:

  1. I like to go to the theatre, but I generally I prefer the comfort of my own couch.
  2. I watch a lot of movies, so the movie network saves me time and lots of money!
  3. I (usually) don’t buy into the marketing hype, so I can wait six months to a year to watch a movie.
  4. My movie network subscription includes HBO – who can live without HBO?

No question the movie network has taken my movie watching to the next level. OnDemand and PVR means that I can sometimes watch up to five movies on Sunday while I do laundry and clean the house.

I’m not at all picky on the types of movies I watch either. I’ll go for a romantic comedy, documentary, drama, musical, thriller – you name it. On the other hand, I am picky about how many times I watch a movie – I really don’t like to watch a movie more than once unless it’s really good. Strange enough, that’s exactly opposite from when I was a kid and I’d watch the same movie over and over again.

If I had to pick my favourite movie though – I really couldn’t. What I could do, is pick my favourites – plural. Here are just a few:

Favourite Movie as a Kid:
Wizard of Oz

Favourite Oldies
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Some Like it Hot
Beach Blanket Bingo

Favourite Romantic Comedy
‘Til There Was You

Movie that always always makes me cry
Swing Kids

Favourite Movie this year
Alice in Wonderland

Favourite Christmas Movie:
Miracle on 34th Street

Other ones that come to mind include: Fight Club, Beautiful Girls, Mean Girls, Love Actually, Elf, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist….I could go on…

Can you narrow down what movies you love? What are some of your favourites?

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